What are Orange Bitters?

In the world of cocktails, no single flavour has been as versatile as orange.

Orange bitters is a blend of citrus essence, oils from bitter and sweet oranges, herbs and spices.

The Angostura orange bitters blend has produced bitters with a depth of citrus flavour that can transform a wide range of cocktails and food dishes. The first impression of Angostura orange bitters is of a soft aroma of orange and geranium. The first level of flavour is reminiscent of rich, fresh sweet blood oranges with spicy notes of cardamom and coriander. This is followed by more complex level of dry bitter orange with an unparalleled depth of flavour.

Angostura orange bitters is an exotic and versatile bitters that works incredibly well with vodka, gin, whisky and rum cocktails, and adds real depth of flavour to both alcoholic, non alcoholic cocktails and food recipes, especially sweets and cakes.

Orange bitters for Food and Drink Recipes

Angostura orange bitters was originally created for bar mixologists by the makers of the world famous Angostura aromatic bitters, which is already regarded across the world as the essential bar ingredient, now, experienced bartenders, cocktail aficionados and chefs consider orange bitters an indispensable ingredient.

Angostura orange bitters

The alcohol suspension in the 10cl bottle of Angostura orange bitters is only 24% and regarded as non alcoholic in most countries, whilst the look of the bottle retains the famous oversize label of the original aromatic bitters but with a different and distinctive orange peel design.

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